The Accelerant Advantage

Why custom sales training is different than franchised or textbook sales training methodologies.

Accelerant Sales Group’s management team has over 100 years of combined sales management, leadership, development and training experience.

Other sales training companies utilize a cookie cutter process that is often outdated and ineffective for the modern sales team’s use. At Accelerant, we have a process and approach that delivers the exact type of sales training your team needs that can be used to make an impact in the market your company is in. Our process includes detailed discovery, survey and workshop sessions with your management team prior to the training being delivered.

We have taken the best practices used by the world’s leading corporations and tailored them to meet the needs and skills of your sales team. Our methodology involves a hybrid of prospecting skills, discovery skills, business case delivery, closing and ongoing account management that allow you to have customers for life.

This makes the biggest difference, because after the sales training, Accelerant transfers the knowledge to allow all of your people processes and technologies to be aligned for huge growth for your company for revenue and profits.

Accelerant’s delivery model is available in all forms, face-to-face workshop, live webinar, and through learning management systems via the Accelerant Advantage ™. Your sales team, globally, can be trained, certified and have these sales skills reinforced for continuous learning and results. It is these things that make Accelerant Sales Training the world leader in thought leadership.

How To Get Your Sales Training Started With Accelerant

You can fill out the contact form on our website, and you will be called back for a free consultation and assessment for your company’s sales training needs. After an initial interview with your HR and sales management team, Accelerant makes a recommendation on a program. We then schedule a training date and start the process that involves interviews with your sales team members. Finally, we schedule the training at the Accelerant corporate facility, your facility, or a neutral location of your choice. Each sales trainee upon completion of the program receives continuing education credits for the Accelerant Advantage ™ training program.


Accelerant Training

Accelerant training was born out of its parent company, Accelerant Sales Group ™, which is a globally established leader in business process outsourcing for sales, marketing, and digital media management. The program satisfies the needs of companies around the world by utilizing the best techniques, tools, and technologies available. This approach of combining people, processes, and technologies allows your firm to make the Accelerant Advantage ™ program your global standard for sales growth.