Accelerant Offers Sales Training Programs for Everyone in Your Sales and Customer Service organizations globally

Accelerant Sales Programs

Accelerant Sales Programs

Accelerant Training ™ is offered primarily by way of hands on workshop based seminars in a classroom setting but is also available in self-administered in self-paced e learning modules. Accelerant Training’s process is called Sales Superstar™ and is offered in the following modules from beginner to advanced and from account manager to new business development professional.

Sales Superstar Account Manager Pro- AMP™

This course focuses on account management and ways to grow sales quarter to quarter with existing customer accounts.

  • Establishing value added relationships with key people and executives inside of customers
  • Establishing equal business stature and credibility
  • Consultative problem solving
  • Being a facilitator of company resources to provide service to clients
  • The importance of reviewing product roadmaps
  • Design wins and project wins
  • Problem Solving Skills.
  • Conflict Management
  • Crisis Management
  • ss ecosystem

Sales Superstar™ Sales Manager Pro- SMP™

This course focuses on sales organizational management.

  • Managing teams and assigning responsibilities by rep skill-set
  • Resolving tensions between sales people
  • Keeping esteem high among sales staff
  • Career Path building for sales staff
  • Mentoring and coaching techniques for new business focused representatives
  • Building a NBD Team, Account manager and Channel Sales Team
  • Making things happen and building ROI’s and business cases to present to management
  • Marketing Strategy Fundamentals for Managers including technology push and market pull